2019 Sun Quality Health Network Meeting

The 2019 Annual Meeting for Sun Quality Health Network (SQHN) was held on July 19, 2019 and was a big get-together and offered ample opportunities for our network members who are mostly midwives to learn about new information in the fields of family planning and reproductive health. The meeting consisted of presentations by Population Services International (PSI)’s staff members and officers from the Ministry of Health. The topics ranged from the HIS 3.0 system and unplanned pregnancy to birth control products.

Speaking at the event, His Excellency Professor Eng Huot, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health, said that the SQHN is a good example of an effective collaboration with the private sector which is a growing segment of Cambodian economy. He also stressed the importance of ethical and responsible conduct by health care providers and encouraged the participants to continue to develop their skills and knowledge which is crucial in improving the health of Cambodian people.

SQHN is a network of private health providers with over 200 members in 22 city/provinces providing birth spacing services, counselling services and products at affordable prices for low income Cambodians. In 2018, SQHN providers inserted 19,728 IUDs and 2,551 implants. PSI/Cambodia’s Country Director Socheat Chi praised the network members for ensuring quality health care services and expressed gratitude for the support from Ministry of Health as well as relevant government agencies including the National Maternal and Child Health Center and Commune Committee for Women and Children (CCWC).

Group photo with His Excellency Professor Eng Huot

Participants signing in

Product displayed during the event

Participants raising their hands to answer questions after a presentation