PSI Board Saw First-Hand the Impacts of Our Services

Population Service International/Cambodia (PSI/C) was honored to host a three-day PSI Board of Directors Meeting to discuss the on-going development and set the direction of PSI for the coming years.

The meeting took place in Phnom Penh from October 31 to November 2 and was the second overseas PSI Board meeting, following the meeting in Nairobi in 2016. However, for some of the board members, this was not their first time visiting Cambodia. Having been in Cambodia on a field visit eight years ago, this was an opportunity for them to see first-hand how much PSI/Cambodia has grown since 2010.

The Meeting kicked off with a reception at the Raffles Hotel Le Royal, welcoming the board members to Cambodia and providing them with the opportunity to meet Cambodian Government officials, donors and partners of PSI/Cambodia.

The highlight of their time in Cambodia was the opportunity to gain more comprehensive understanding of how our programs have benefited Cambodian people. The delegation was divided into three groups for the visits of PSI/C’s projects, covering the areas of behavior change communication, Sun Quality Health Network (SQHN) and safe abortion services.

Dr. Mao Tan Eang, Director of National Centre for TB and Leprosy Control of the Ministry of Health with Karl Hofmann, President and CEO of PSI at the reception on October 31

J. Brian Atwood, chairperson of the board of PSI, delivering remarks at the reception

One of the group travelled to Bati District in Takeo Province, 40 kilometers south of the Capital, and was briefed about PSI’s interpersonal communication (IPC) work. They were impressed by how articulate and enthusiastic our Community Mobilizers were.

The board members posed for a photo with a banner of the Sun Quality Health Network (SQHN) during a stop at a pharmacy. The SQHN now has over 200 private providers across Cambodia, starting with only 2 in 2006.

While visiting a health center in Phnom Penh where PSI/Cambodia has run a pilot for the last 10 months to offer medical abortion, the Board members toured the health center and discussed with key Health Center staff about the abortion successes and challenges.