SQHN Members Learn How to Run Effective Health Care Business

51 of PSI/Cambodia’s Sun Quality Health Network (SQHN) members have increased skills and knowledge to improve and scale their businesses. Thanks to the Business Training and Mentoring Program, a collaboration between PSI and SHE which is a social enterprise working to deliver business incubators and accelerators for women in Cambodia.

The training consisted of ten-day workshops over five-months, delivered in Phnom Penh and Battambang with the aim of addressing key barriers commonly faced by Cambodian women when managing and scaling a micro-small enterprise, including cultural barriers such as family pressures, educational background and skills barriers. The training also included Peer Mentoring Program in which participants were trained to conduct peer mentoring sessions and had the opportunity to incorporate the mentorship during the training.

One of the participants, Sophea, who runs a health care business started to implement the new bookkeeping processes after acquiring the skill during the training. As a result, her business now runs more smoothly with a budget plan in place. Sophea’s family additionally feels more secure, resulting from having access to savings in case of emergency situations or unexpected costs arising.

This training relates to PSI’s mission to further harness the power of private sector health providers, increasing access to high quality health services with a focus on improving reproductive health.

SQHN is a PSI network of private health providers established in 2002 offering birth spacing, counselling services and products at affordable prices for low income Cambodians.