Invitation for Expression of Interest

Population Services International (PSI) is the world’s leading social marketing organization, with programs in over 40 countries. PSI started its activities in Cambodia in 1993 when it launched a social marketing campaign for Number One condoms, a brand that still has a significant market share in Cambodia. Since then, PSI/Cambodia has expanded to include programs focused on HIV, reproductive health and family planning, child survival, tuberculosis, and malaria.

PSI Cambodia currently is expanding the procurement activities to support the program and social business activities to ensure providing high-quality service on time as required and planned. Please be informed that PSI Cambodia expenses for procurement operations around $1,500,000/year.

We are seeking different professional skills with highly qualified suppliers to provide competitive and economical prices to be good pre-qualifies providers and partners for the services such as below:

1) Advertising Agencies: The service offers a full range of advertising, marketing, and creative solution. The agencies that provide out-of-home media and advertising solutions for top competitive brands in Cambodia.
2) Production/Movies Media Agent: The company is working in Film, Television, and Video, Event Equipment, Audio Visual, Event Services, Video Production Services, Music, CDs, and DVDs business activities.
3) Mass Media/Media Placement/Creative Brief: The requirement means creative advertising, sponsorship, and or promotional Media…etc.
4) Event or Equipment rental service (Booth/Icom-headset/Screen/LCD): Strategize, design, and implement full-service event productions with innovative technology solutions, state-of-the-art rental equipment, and all the supporting infrastructure such as Booth, Icom-headset, screen, and LCD…etc.
5) Building Maintenance Service: Maintain and install both existing and new equipment as well as other building facilities as other departments, offices, and units have requested.
6) Air Condition Repair & Maintenance: provide the installation, repairs, and maintenance of any brand of air conditioner.
7) Security Door Installation and Repair: specialize in repairing and installing residential security doors.
8) Painter and Drawing Picture: specialize in coating walls, frame board, and or other surfaces with paint.
9) Computer & Software Shop: To supply genuine products and warranty services such as technology products (Computer & software, solutions, IT equipment, and services).
10) Electronic technician/Supplier: Electronic technicians are responsible for setting up, repairing, and maintenance of electronic systems and equipment.
11) Video & photography service: Handle providing the photography and videography services
12) Diesel & Fuel Company: Supply the fuel & diesel service for about 40 vehicles traveling around 25 provinces in Cambodia.
13) Generator Repair Service: Provide the repairing service for all kinds of generator
14) GPS security system Installation Company: Install GPS security system to all PSI vehicles
15) Hotel & Restaurant Apartment: Hotels and restaurants that provide a special rate for accommodation, venue, and restaurant services in 25 provinces.
16) Insurance Company: Provide the service for health insurance, life insurance, and asset insurance
17) Kitchen+ Market Material: Provide kitchen supplies and other materials
18) Stationary and office supply: Request to provide long-term service and cooperative price for office stationery and office supply.
19) Office Furniture: Request to provide a high-quality and competitive price of the office furniture product.
20) Lawyer & Government Sector: We seek a lawyer who specializes in labor law and a legal advisor who specializes in the health sector to support working closely with the government sector.
21) Medical Instrument/Pharmacy: Provide the medical instrument and pharmacy equipment.
22) Pest Control Service: Provide integrated pest control services using the latest technology and tailored solutions to ensure a pest-free environment for our business and maintain safety for your warehouse and a healthy & hygienic workplace for our staff.
23) Deep Cleaning Service: To guarantee state-of-the-art hygiene and cleanliness in respect of the environment for our warehouse.
24) Phone Shop & Phone Services: Provide competitive prices for all models of tablets and handphones.
25) Printing and Photocopy Service: Provide the photocopy and printing service as required by PSI
26) Printing house service: Provide the printing service on the packaging, IEC, promotional materials, and tools as per required by PSI.
27) Customs Clearance: Provide the clearance service by preparing the import permit and handling the whole process of customs clearance.
28) Delivery company: The main task will serve the service of delivering the products from PSI warehouse/office to the customers.
29) Research Agencies: We require and are open to research companies specializing in the health sector to cooperate working to fulfill the need of PSI’s mission.
30) Shirt & Shoes Tailor: Provide the tailing service for uniforms and shoes as per requirements and specs.
31) Studio & Talent Rental: We want a package of talented people and studio rentals to provide the service for promoting or demonstrating our products as per requirements.
32) Translation/ Interpretation Services: We require the Translation/ Interpretation Services company that specializes in the health services sector to join PSI’s event and meeting.
33) Travel Agent (Air Ticket, Visa, Passport Extension): We require to cooperate with travel agencies who can process the job on time as required and competitive prices for international travel, air ticket, Visa, Passport extensions…etc.
34) Vehicle Rental Company: We require to cooperate long-time service with the vehicle rental company to book the trip for the mission to 25 provinces in Cambodia.
35) Vehicle Maintenance Garage: We require to cooperate with long-time service for around 40 vehicles such as Ford Ranger, Ford Everest, VIGO, KIA BangoIII, Hyundai porter II, Land Cruiser, and Mitsubishi.
36) Vehicle Tire Company/Shop: The provider will responsible for providing the service of replacing the vehicle tire for around 40 vehicles.
37) Website & Database Designer / Developer: The main task will develop the database, website development, network connection, and other tasks related to web development…etc.
38) Internet Connection: The internet company/supplier will responsible for providing the internet connection and keep maintaining a high-speed connection.
39) Mobile Signal Set up: To pull the mobile signal and speed up the signal in the weak signal zone in the area PSI head office and any area-related requirement.
40) Security Guard & E-Security Service: The main task will supply the security guard service and ESS system.
41) Online Services: The main task will help with network connection for call tune, phone tree, robocalls, and other tasks related…etc.
42) Training Institute: Possible to provide a short course of multi-skill training for PSI staff.
43) Recruitment Agency: Possible to provide the recruitment service as required by PSI.
44) Consultant: We are seeking qualified and talented candidates who specialize in PHB, EQHA, EOC, and research to apply for an individual consultant to do research in the health sector to fulfill the seed of PSI’s mission. Please submit your CV thru the email address below.

PSI Cambodia is open to all interested legal companies/suppliers/individual whose skill fits the above requirement please submit your applications to the below address thru the requirement such as below:

1) Company/ Individual profiles
2) Legal documents such as Company registration, Patent, and VAT if any
3) Complete the form : Request for Information- see attached
4) Other supporting documents

PSI Cambodia Office:
# 160, St 71, P.O Box 153, Tonle Basak, Khan Chamcar Mon, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Mr. Heang Seyha,
Supply Chain Manager
Contact 012 473 778/ 093 473 778

No Deadline of submission